Richard John O. Smith played The Monster in the 1826 Henry H. Milner play, Frankenstein, or, the man and the

The Monster
Full Name None
Occupation Villain, Antagonist
First Appearance Frankenstein, or, the man and the monster (1826)
Latest Appearance Frankenstein, or, the man and the monster (1826)
Portrayed by Richard John O. Smith

monster, based partly on Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus, and partly on the French play, Le Monstre et le magicien. Little is known of Smith's performance, or the reception of the play. It is said that this play was the first to have an awakening, or creation, scene.


In the premotional photo Smith is shown wearing a tunic and a cape, so his costume was apparently not very accurate to the novel, or similar to any earlier plays for that matter.

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